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Vision Screening Training with Fischer eye chart

CLICK HERE to take Dr. Fischer’s free online test and print your certificate after watching the vision screening training video below:

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Dr. Fischer is proud to provide this training program for pediatrician’s and school nurses in Miami-Dade, Collier and Broward county for how to do vision screenings.

The Fischer eye chart which has both shapes for Kindergarten and 1st grade and Sloan letters for 2nd grade and older.


For Kindergarten and 1st grade, additional shape matching cards can be printed below:


Vision Screening Instructions

1.Hang chart in well-lit room at average child’s eye level
2.Use a measuring tape to measure test distance indicated on the
eye chart and mark a line on the ground
2. Tell the child to put their feet on center of line (or center of a chair)
3. Cover left eye with their palm to test the right eye
4. Starting at the top, briefly point below one letter in each line.
5. If the child is correct move down one line until the child hesitates or makes a mistake then move back up one line and ask the child to identify each letter in that line.
6. Record the acuity where the child can identify the majority of the letters in the line (ie:3 of the 5)
7. Now have the child cover the other eye to test
How to do vision screenings


Tell the child to “just try your best”. “There are no wrong answers.” If they are incorrect, you can boost confidence with “you are doing great”
In children under 6, review the names of the shapes on the matching card before testing
You can practice with a large group of kids with the matching card first