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Dr. Diana Perez, OD

Diana Head Shot

Dr. Diana Perez specializes in comprehensive and medical eye exams for chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension; as well as ocular conditions such as dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, macular degeneration, floaters, cataracts and red eyes.

Dr. Perez received her undergraduate degree from Florida International University, graduating with a Bachelors of Science. After earning her undergraduate degree, she proceeded to attend The State University of New York College of Optometry where she received her doctorate in Optometry. She was recognized for her excellence in ocular disease earning the distinguished William M. Rosenberg Memorial Award in 2017.

Dr. Perez has practiced in multi-specialty settings along ophthalmologist and other specialties to provide the utmost patient care. She practiced in New York for 2 years, during which time she was invited into the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in recognition of her professional commitment to the clinical care of patients with Diabetes. She is board certified in the American Board of Optometry and licensed to practice in both New York and Florida states. She is fluent in English and Spanish having extensively studied Spanish medical terminology.

Dr. Perez is also committed to her community, volunteering more than 100 hours at homeless shelters and elementary schools providing vision and health screenings.