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Progressive Myopia

Progressive myopia is nearsightedness that worsens more than 0.5 diopters year after year. If myopia progresses enough, it can result in high myopia, a severe degree of nearsightedness that increases the risk of developing several serious eye conditions.

Myopia progression can cause eye health problems

  • Myopia can worsen due to heredity or excessive near work such as reading or computers
  • Myopia occurs when the eye grows too long and most progression occurs before 21 years old
  • This can stretch the retina and cause eye health problems sometimes even blindness
  • Myopia is permanent and it is important to control the progression of myopia at a young age
  • LASIK is an option after 21yo and the prescription is stable for 3 years, but LASIK only corrects up to 12D of myopia and there’s NO way to correct vision loss caused by damage to retina/eye

Our goal is to decrease progression to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

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Ways to Protect Your Vision

Good habits for reading and screens recommended for everyone to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

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4 Myopia control treatments to slow progression

Progressive glasses and/or soft contact lenses. Lenses that relax focusing for reading or computers.

Pros: Most affordable and easiest option. They protect against UV. Kids adapt very easily.

Cons: Not the strongest myopia prevention.

FDA approved Myopia control soft contacts. Special soft contacts worn during day that reduce progression.

Pros: Excellent myopia control. Soft, safe and comfortable. Daily disposables are thrown away every day and require no care.

Cons: Kids must be between the ages of 8-12 years old to begin treatment.

FDA approved Ortho-Keratology CRT night contacts. Contact lenses worn at night only to reshape the cornea and correct vision without daytime glasses/contacts.

Pros: Best myopia control. Glasses are not needed during the day if worn every night!

Low dose Atropine eye drops every night relax focusing muscles in the eye.

Pros: Can be used in addition to myopia control glasses and/or contacts.

Cons: Kids dislike eye drops. Drops typically used every night until 18 years old. Drops cause a slight dilation (blurry vision) and long term effects of direct UV exposure are unknown.