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Emergency Eye Care Services

We provide a wide range of emergency eye care. Miami International Airport is only 15 min away from our office. Airport travelers and the general public with eye emergencies can receive immediately the following services:

  • Examination of the eyes for irritation, allergies, minor injuries, contact lens over-wear syndrome.
  • Immediate treatment with prescription eye-drops in stock. No need to go to the pharmacy and wait.
  • Superficial foreign body removal: Did something fall in your eye? We can remove it immediately.
  • Immediate contact lens services with 95% of prescriptions of contacts in stock. Travel size free contact lens solutions and cases.
  • 15 min service on a new pair of glasses with single vision lenses 80% of prescriptions in stock.
  • No wait on line. We give priority to all our emergencies and accommodate slots in the day for this cases.

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boys with thumbs up - emergency Miami eye carePlease note, emergency care at our Miami eye care clinic is Fee for Service. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees under Eye Care Services . We can not take any type of insurance to pay for these service. Insurance coverage takes time to get authorizations and patient’s have to make appointments at later day
after the emergency has resolved in order to use they insurance benefits. We will, however , provide you will all the receipts so that you can submit to you insurance plan.

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