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How to put in your Contact Lens

Contact Lens Care Instructions

1. You MUST have a pair of back-up glasses! Glasses are required to allow your eyes to get oxygen after the use of contacts.

2. Replace your contacts as your doctor recommends. Use of old contacts increase the risk of infection or intolerance.

3. Get your eyes examined every year. Your doctor must check your eyes yearly to assess eye health, lens fit and prescription

4. Wash hands before putting in contacts. Apply face/hand cream or make-up AFTER putting your contacts in to avoid getting in contacts.

5. Store contact lenses in the proper solution. Use the solution your doctor recommends to make sure your contacts are properly disinfected. Saline does not disinfect your contacts.

6. Only use fresh solution. After putting in your contacts, throw away the dirty solution. Never REUSE dirty solution.

7. Keep your contact case clean. Rinse your case with solution after contact insertion. Leave case open to dry. Replace your case every 3 months.

8. Do not allow non-sterile water to get in your contacts. Water from the pool, ocean, shower, etc has bacteria. If you get non-sterile water in your eyes, throw out your contacts to be safe. If you swim or work in a dirty environment, request a Daily Disposable Contact that is changed daily

9. Remove your contacts if you have an infection, pain, redness, light sensitivity, blurry vision or if the lens is damaged! Throw away contaminated contacts to prevent re-infection and immediately stop wearing contacts until your eye gets better. If your infection gets worse, come to the eye doctor to see if you need a prescription eye drop.

10. Dryness. It is normal to feel a little dryness. The best way to prevent dryness is to remember to blink more often and fully. Use rewetting eye drops as needed, but only if they are marked for Contact Lenses




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